Naftali Botwin is the editor of the Jewish Worker, which, according to its Twitter bio, embodies “(((Cultural Marxism))) at its finest.” Because Jews had no greater advocate than anti-Semitic he-demon Karl Marx.

Well anyway, Botwin thinks he’s discovered incontrovertible evidence that cops are fascists, and he found it at a rally where far-Left Jews were protesting an ICE detention center because detention centers are basically concentration camps and we’re in the midst of a new Holocaust. His evidence? One of the officers had a “Molon Labe” tattoo:

“A prominent slogan of contemporary fascism.” Or … not.

He can, though.

Yeah, we don’t get it, either. Maybe Botwin can explain it to us.

Yes, clearly the problem here is with the American conservative and not with the assclown running the Jewish Worker Twitter account.

So, Elliott Hamilton, a conservative Jew, is a “kapo” for calling an avowed communist a communist and suggesting that he stop digging?


TFW you’re so far up AOC’s butt that you can’t hear how insane you sound. But hey, onward and upward!

Don’t even bother trying to point to the massive holes in this guy’s logic.

Forget it. He’s rolling.