Remember that time Cory Booker blasted Joe Biden for reminiscing about working with segregationist senators to “[get] things done”? Remember how Booker said Biden should apologize for those remarks? Bear that in mind when you consider this:

More from the Jerusalem Post:

“I have met – I live in Newark so we have famous Mosque 25, we have Nation of Islam there,” Booker said Saturday at a faith breakfast campaign event. “As mayor I met with lots of folks talking to him. I have heard Minister Farrakhan’s speeches for a lot of my life, so I don’t feel like I need to do that, but I’m not one of these people that says I wouldn’t sit down with anybody to hear what they have to say. But, I live on a neighborhood where I’m getting guys on the streets offering and selling his works. I am very familiar with Minister Louis Farrakhan and his beliefs and his values.”

You’re very familiar with Farrakhan and his beliefs and values … and you’d be willing to sit down with him to hear what he has to say?

For some crazy reason, we haven’t heard a peep out of the Left about Booker expressing a willingness to meet with a racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, all-around bigoted segregationist. Wonder why that is.

Easy for him to be so courageous when he knows media firefighters won’t touch him.



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