Since progressives don’t already have enough of a reputation for being hostile to Jews, here comes washed-up actress Rosanna Arquette to stir the pot a little bit more. Not only is she taking a page from AOC’s Big Book of Disingenuously Invoking Concentration Camps, but she’s shaming Jews who aren’t sufficiently outraged by detention centers at the southern border:

Nicely done, Rosanna.

The detention centers are not evidence of “Trump’s atrocities against children.” Children are in those detention centers because their parents chose to break the law. But we’ll agree that Arquette using detention centers to slime Jews is definitely “what the hell”-worthy.

No, it’s OK, because for your information, Rosanna is a Jew:

So, that makes it OK to shame Jews who happen to have a problem with invoking concentration camps when discussing a situation that isn’t even remotely comparable to the Holocaust?

We’re sure he’ll keep the seat warm for you.