It’s our dream that someday, perhaps even someday soon, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will slither back into the gutter from whence she came and we’ll be able to return to a time when what she says doesn’t matter because nobody listens to her or takes her seriously.

But until that time comes, we’re effectively stuck covering crap like this:

We don’t really have a dog in the Cory Booker vs. Joe Biden fight. We’re frankly quite content to just watch them devour each other. But that being said, we can’t help but roll our eyes in annoyance and disgust at AOC insisting on inserting herself into a situation that doesn’t even remotely concern her. Well, it almost doesn’t remotely concern her:


But seriously, you guys. AOC should know better by now to stay out of debates about insensitivity, given that she’s spent more than three days now defending her diminishment of the Holocaust. She just can’t resist the opportunity to weigh in on, well, everything.

For the record, not even all liberals are dying for AOC’s thoughts on everything:

We disagree. AOC should definitely keep this up.

Well, Pelosi may need some help. But yeah, that’s likely how this is all going to play out. And you know what? We’re here for it.