The leftist outrage brigade (with some help from Laura Loomer) are patting themselves on the back today after Harvard rescinded Kyle Kashuv’s admission over offensive remarks he made when he was 16. And why shouldn’t they pat themselves on the back? They’ve got a lot to be proud of. They’re just carrying on their long tradition of holding people accountable for past racist remarks and behavior.

Oh, wait. As Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, points out, our moral betters on the Left have done no such thing. In fact, they’ve gone out of their way to avoid holding offenders to account equally:

Ralph Northam was in medical school when that racist photo was taken. And he only owned up to it once he’d decided he had no other choice. Kyle Kashuv was 16 years old when he used the N-word and has not only expressed remorse, but also taken responsibility for what he did and bent over backwards to right his wrong. So why is Kashuv the one being raked over the coals while Northam essentially has faced no consequences for something he did when he most definitely should have known better?

The answer is obvious to Miller, and it should be obvious to everyone else:

Every last one. Their outrage is meaningless if it’s selective.

That’s not a coincidence. All three of those men have far higher public profiles than Kyle Kashuv. And Joe Biden’s profile is higher than any of them:

But their offenses have effectively been memory-holed. Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed tolerant Left is on a mission to ruin the rest of Kashuv’s life.