Earlier today, Donald Trump unveiled his plans for an Air Force One redesign:

The Washington Post was on it:

President Trump shared mock-ups of an Air Force One with a new paint scheme — featuring colors remarkably similar to those on his own corporate jet — in a television interview broadcast Thursday as Democratic lawmakers moved to impede such a change.

“Take a look at this,” Trump said to ABC News host George Stephanopoulos as he displayed some options for the makeover. “Here’s your new Air Force One.”

The mock-ups swap out the current sky blue and white for a color scheme that includes white, red and dark blue — in nearly identical shades that appear on the jet in which Trump used to fly around the country during his 2016 campaign. The colors are inverted on the Air Force One design, with the white on top and dark blue on bottom.

This is worse than Trump colluding with Russia. And speaking of Russia, CNN White House reporter Jeremy Diamond also noticed something “familiar” about the new color scheme:

Sweet. Fancy. Moses. You know what this means, don’t you? Donald Trump is obviously a Putin plant. No, seriously. There are some people who actually believe this:

At the very least, this proves that Donald Trump is totally deranged and stuff.

Unless they redesign it, too. Though at the rate we’re going, Trump’s going to have several more years to fly around in that thing.

Does Trump’s proposed new color scheme resemble that of his branded private plane? Yes, it’s similar. The thing is, red, white, and blue might also look “familiar” for a different reason.

Trying to make a mountain out of every Trump molehill is why the Left is in the mess they’re in. You’d think maybe they’d’ve learned their lesson by now.