Some people never learn.

As Twitchy told you, New York Times op-ed contributor Wajahat Ali thought it would be a good idea to push an easily debunked lie about Dan Crenshaw — and question his patriotism for good measure:

After Crenshaw thoroughly chewed Ali up and spit him out:

Ali deleted his original tweet, replacing it with a half-assed apology:

Don’t worry, Wajahat. We’re enjoying our Tuesday plenty. Because you’ve given us the immense satisfaction that comes with watching you double down on your ignorance and hackery:

Which comments would those be? The ones where Crenshaw accurately quoted Ilhan Omar and rightly called her out over her despicable remarks about the 9/11 terrorists?

Ali’s not sorry for what he said; he’s only sorry he got caught.

Apparently Ali was sick on the day his J-school professor taught the art of quitting while you’re behind.

Hey, the world can always use more gravediggers.