The Resistance is is really ramping up the “impeachment” talk, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect Nancy Pelosi. Despite their efforts, Pelosi hasn’t really budged.

Does she know something the rest of the Resistance doesn’t? New York Magazine business columnist Josh Barro thinks that might very well be the case. In a thread today, Barro explains why the impeachment route might not be in the Democrats’ best interests.

You really should:

Donald Trump’s got a buttload of baggage. But the thing is, we knew about most of it when he was running for president the last time around and it didn’t really seem to dissuade his future voters from voting for him. The Resistance’s constant hysterical shrieking and rending of garments over every little thing he does only seem to make him stronger and more appealing to his base.

They may very well have overplayed their hands. Nancy Pelosi is terrible for many reasons, but she does excel at playing political games. Could she just be trying to spare the Democrats from completely destroying themselves?

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