Yesterday, Real Newsmonger Jim Acosta reported Real News™ about Donald Trump to his Twitter followers:

The problem was that it wasn’t Real News, Mr. President:

The @TrumpWarRoom account tried to set the record straight by posting the full transcript of Trump’s remarks:

As well as video:

And Acosta promptly apologized for his mistake. Oh, wait. No he didn’t. He dug in his heels instead:

You fight that fire, Jimbo.

More from the Washington Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold:

So this is the point where it becomes clear that Acosta was not mistaken, but actively deceptive. Acosta did not merely tweet that Trump was “accusing asylum seekers of misleading immigration authorities,” he accused him of implying that ALL asylum seekers were by “[painting] with [a] broad brush. I find it hard to believe he’s too thick to recognize the difference between … okay, no, maybe he is, but the point is, he’s probably just lying.

Worse, Acosta then chose to retweet this from Tommy Christopher.

What this argument amounts to is that, because Trump has made broad claims about asylees in the past, ipso facto Acosta was correct that he did so in the Rose Garden. Not so much a leap in logic as teleportation. If this is the best defense of his tweet, that’s rather pathetic.

“Rather pathetic” is pretty much par for the course with Jim Acosta. Well, that and utterly shameless, utterly dishonest hackery.