Apparently progressive Dem Rep. Earl Blumenauer is a lot angrier with his colleague Rashida Tlaib’s critics than he is with Tlaib’s most recent despicable, dishonest remarks about Israel:

Since when does calling someone out for their historical revisionism constitute “incessant vilification”? Rashida Tlaib isn’t being condemned because she’s Muslim; she’s being condemned because she’s an anti-Semite who bends over backwards to excuse anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish terrorism.

It should come as no surprise that Blumenauer’s pathetic and shameful attempt to cover for Tlaib’s anti-Semitism strikes the right note with Ilhan Omar:

And of course with Tlaib herself:

Talk about deflecting. Not only is Tlaib not sorry for what she said, but she’s actually trying to make Republicans look like the bad guys.

If Rashida Tlaib is serious about taking on hate, she needs to quit pointing fingers, quit playing the victim, and get her own house in order.



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