It’s fine — and understandable — if you’re not actually all that interested in wall-to-wall coverage of the Royal Baby, but Cosmopolitan seems actively hostile about it. Because apparently dads publicly showing pride in and affection for their children is super-annoying and stuff:

Rosa Heyman writes:

To recap: Prince Harry has so far commended his wife on giving birth to a human child, and he’s also held his own bb spawn in front of a camera. I get it. Royal babies are so cute! So exciting! Cheeks!

But. Isn’t it sort of sad that these displays of parenting—but really, of being a dad—are still so unexpected and noteworthy that they inspire this much attention?Mothering, on the other hand, remains invisible. (Not to mention, expected.) That is, unless you dare to stray from the classic mom playbook—or god forbid, make a mistake—then the force of a thousand judgmental tweetstorms will land in your mentions overnight.

But you don’t need me to remind you of our painful reality. If you’re a woman, you’re probably well-aware of the loads of research that focuses on the sacrifices that women across economic spectrums make for their careers in order to rear children. Hell, you might have even experienced all of this personally. (By the way, none of this even begins to address how society views and treats queer and transgender parents, but that’s a whole other rant for another day.)

Listen, I don’t mean to sound all curmudgeon-y like, IDK, this guy. Prince Harry’s happy exhibits of fatherhood also spark joy in me. I’m sure he’s already a great dad and a supportive husband. And furthermore, I understand that these gestures, while largely symbolic, are important signifiers of how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are trying to modernize the monarchy. But come on, people—let’s expect more.

Leave it to a woke feminist to crap on fatherhood — and be completely wrong while doing so. Mothering does not, in fact, “remain invisible,” and sneering at proud fathers serves no purpose other than demonstrating that feminists’ reputation as shrill, bitter man-haters is pretty well deserved. Well, that and getting ratio’d:

That’s well deserved, too.

A lot of people sure seem to take issue with Cosmo’s sh*t opinion, yes:

Enough of this garbage already.

What a novel idea.