President Biden’s Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland is all about seeing through this administration’s “green” initiatives to create a utopian “clean energy future”:

But “clean energy” and the push for increased use of electric vehicles brings with it other problems that this administration does not want to talk about, partly because they don’t seem to be taking such matters into account. Watch Haaland be completely stumped by info you might have assumed she would know but obviously doesn’t:

Just yikes.

“Thank you for that information” which she should probably already know considering her position, but then again this administration has different goals that make actual expertise take a back seat to other priorities.

Maybe Haaland would have been more comfortable with subject matter many members of Biden’s Cabinet are more at ease with:

If only EVs could be powered by “equity and inclusion.”

This administration’s definition of “qualified” varies greatly from what you might think. And that’s not the first time Haaland’s been stumped by questions related to her job and this administration’s insane initiatives.


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