We’re honestly kind of shocked that Jennifer Rubin has found a Democrat she can’t get behind in Bernie Sanders. At least Elizabeth Warren hasn’t let her down yet!

Elizabeth Warren has a zillion policy ideas, guys. They’re all bad, but she has a zillion of them.

More on Warren’s cheerful policy ideas from Rubin:

Specificity is an asset in the policy realm as well. Warren has a fleshed-out plan and has a way to pay for it. “What we have to do as a country is roll back that debt. And so, I have two parts to the proposal,” she said. “Part one is that we say that we’re going to roll back student loan debt for about 95 percent of students who have debt.” She continued, “And part two is to make sure that we never get in this mess again on student loan debt and that is to make college universally available with free tuition and fees, and to put more money into Pell grants so that students of color, so that our poorest students have real access to college and that we put real money into our historically black colleges and universities. ” She’s explicit about how to pay for it, without demonizing the rich.

Severely conservative take from the Washington Post’s severely conservative blogger. Hats off to Rubin for managing to write that with a straight face.

Yeah, well, Jennifer doesn’t have time to actually consider the substance of Elizabeth Warren’s zillion policy ideas. So just vote for Liz in 2020 and we’ll worry about the practical details later, OK?

We’ll be waiting.