As Twitchy told you last night, Bernie Sanders came out swinging in favor of giving domestic terrorists and rapists the right to vote in prison. If that sounds like a terrible policy, congratulations. You’re right. It’s terrible. And when even Cher recognizes that, it’s probably time to re-evaluate some things:

Yes, he really does.

Except no it doesn’t:

That is literally what Bernie Sanders is saying.

If you can get past the ALL CAPS, you’ll find that Cher’s actually onto something.

Well, don’t get your tickets just yet …

Maybe not much in common … but possibly a few things.



OK, who got to Cher? Evidently she tried to turn back time by deleting her tweets:

Time will tell.



BACKLASH: Cher goes ALL-CAPS on President Trump, but her fans are still PISSED

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