As Twitchy told you yesterday, media firefighters wasted no time rushing toward the Donald Trump “I’m f*cked” quote from the Mueller report without bothering to check or care about the context.

So, it should come as absolutely no surprise that expert political analyst Stephen Colbert — who fancies himself a firefighter in his own right — would go a similar route:

Watch (starts around the 6:35 mark):

Context? Colbert doesn’t need no stinkin’ context. He needs applause. That’s all that matters. If he gets it by misrepresenting the truth, so be it.

The Mueller report does not exonerate Trump of any and all wrongdoing. But focusing on the “I’m f*cked” line out of context suggests that the goal here isn’t so much to let the truth speak for itself as it is to control the narrative — which is exactly how the Resistance has, for lack of a better term, f*cked themselves over the past two years.

Remember when facts mattered?

Sad, but true.



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