While the Mueller didn’t exactly make Donald Trump look like a choirboy (and face it: he’s not), it also failed to deliver the “collusion” bombshell that the Resistance was hoping for. Still, though, bitter clingers like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes believe that Donald Trump has done enough to make past presidents’ flaming corruption look tame by comparison:

Chris may think he’s being cute or clever here, and it may get him those sweet likes and retweets, but as the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams — who’s hardly a Trump cheerleader — points out, this sort of B.S. isn’t doing the Resistance any favors in the long run:

Can we get an “amen”?

Yep. And the Resistance will have no one to blame but themselves.

Thank you for giving it. The Resistance ignores it at their own peril.


Becket Adams roars back from self-imposed ‘Twitter exile’ and absolutely TORCHES media for trying to destroy Kavanaugh

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