In case it wasn’t clear from any of the times she’s said heinous things, Ilhan Omar is an awful person. And trust us: We’re being generous when we call her a person, because we’re struggling to find any evidence whatsoever that Omar is anything but a monster.

In the wake of the uproar over her despicable remarks about the 9/11 terrorists, Omar is still pushing the B.S. narrative that she’s a victim because she’s a black Muslim woman. She retweeted this ridiculous attempt by Democracy Now! to white-knight for her:

And then, just to turn things up to eleven, she pushed this out:

Doubling down on the comparison between Omar’s remarks and George W. Bush’s. Absolutely, infuriatingly shameless.


Ilhan Omar is not sorry. Ilhan Omar is not honest. The only thing she is is a morally bankrupt maggot with a persecution complex.

She’s lied about so many things, but her remarks about the 9/11 terrorists represented how she really feels.

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