As Twitchy told you, Media Matters has no problem with garbage person Talia Lavin falsely and malevolently tying Ben Shapiro to alt-right neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists on very public media platforms like Twitter and the Washington Post. But point out a pro-abort’s disregard for human life? That’s tantamount to incitement, dammit!

They certainly have. So, what did Alexandria DeSanctis do to invite harassment of an abortion clinic director? She shared her tweet.

Last week, North Carolina abortion clinic director Calla Hales attempted to “run through” a bill to protect survivors of botched abortions:

The thread goes on, but you get the gist. DeSanctis called Hales out for the latter’s pathetic attempt to avoid acknowledging that a newborn baby is a person:

And now, Media Matters is accusing DeSanctis of inviting harassment of Hales.

Some harassment is more equal than others?

See how this works?