Ilhan Omar and her allies have been testing the limits of credulity with their absolutely shameless attempts to blame the uproar over her disgusting 9/11 remarks on being taken out of context. Anyone familiar with Ilhan Omar’s oeuvre knows that she was most definitely not taken out of context. But those who are still willing to give her the benefit of the doubt should consider what else she had to say during that CAIR-LA speech.

Omar’s remarks on the New Zealand massacre and Donald Trump actually come before her 9/11 stuff, but Amber Athey’s point still stands. Watch below (starts around the 3:10 mark):

The Christchurch massacre — like all attacks on mosques — was an act of terrorism. The cold-blooded murder of innocents was a tragedy. But for Omar to use that horrific event to point the finger at Donald Trump, and then to refuse to acknowledge that the 9/11 terrorists were much more than “some people who did something,” she demonstrates that she’s both intellectually dishonest and unwilling to call out radical Islamist terrorism.

“Frustrating” is putting it very mildly.

Her anti-Semitism, her willful blindness to radical Islamist terrorism … Ilhan Omar doesn’t belong in Congress. She belongs in history’s dustbin.