As Twitchy told you, earlier this week, Candace Owens took Ted Lieu to the woodshed for attempting to pull a “gotcha” with her admittedly cringeworthy remarks about Hitler and nationalism. Say what you will about Owens, but she essentially wiped the floor with Lieu, earning praise from, among others, Donald Trump Jr.:

So, naturally, the brave firefighters have taken it upon themselves to try to salvage what’s left of Lieu’s sterling reputation. Here’s what Newsweek is doing to contribute to the cleanup effort:

See what they did there?

Newsweek’s tweet has had some time to stew, and the ratio it’s cooked up is nothing to sneeze at:

They’ve definitely earned it.

Hard to argue with that assessment.



‘This is a disgrace’! Newsweek reaps the ratio whirlwind for this ‘repulsive’ take on Ilhan Omar