We love a good shot-and-chaser, don’t you? And they don’t get much more classic than this one:

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Fast-forward a couple of months:

More from National Review’s Jim Geraghty:

Several Virginia Democratic lawmakers feel like they rushed to judgment against governor Ralph Northam and state attorney general Mark Herring.

“There were a lot of life lessons” learned from the wreckage in Richmond, said state Sen. Janet Howell (D-32nd). Chief among them? “Don’t rush to judgment.”

“I’m sorry we did,” said Howell, who also pilloried national Democratic leaders and presidential candidates for weighing in, early and sometimes loudly, on the Virginia situation. (“Ignore them,” Howell advised.)

State Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31st), who was among those to call for resignations only later to backtrack, acknowledged legislators were caught up in a media firestorm. “Statements were made before people even talked to the governor,” said Favola, who long has been an ally of Northam.

He admitted it … but then he took it back. He’d probably just rushed to judgment or something.

We already knew at the time of Jennifer Rubin’s tweet that she was full of sh*t. But in light of Virginia Dems’ recent remarks, it’s clear that Rubin still had room for a little more.

Nothing so far. She’s too busy telling her readers to vote for Democrats like Ralph Northam. So conservative, it hurts.



Someone at the Washington Post remembered that Ralph Northam never explained that yearbook photo