We were just thinking to ourselves, you know, we’ve really been hurting for government shake-ups lately. Fortunately, the Trump administration is here to keep things interesting:

More from CNN:

President Donald Trump instructed his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to fire Alles. Alles remains in his position as of now but has been asked to leave.

The USSS director was told two weeks ago there would be a transition in leadership and he was asked to stay on until there was a replacement, according to a source close to the director.

A source familiar with the director said his ouster was not related to the recent scrutiny the Secret Service got after a Chinese woman illegally entered the President’s Mar-a-Lago club carrying Chinese passports and a flash drive containing malware.

OK, so it’s not related to this, then?

Just an honest mistake! More:

Just five days ago, Trump said he “could not be happier with Secret Service” following the Mar-a-Lago incident.

“Secret Service has done a fantastic job from Day 1. Very happy with them,” Trump said during a White House event when asked by reporters about the Mar-a-Lago trespasser.

Well, maybe now that Donald Trump has had the weekend to think it over, he’s realized that he’s actually not very happy with the Secret Service.