Look, you guys! Tom Arnold has finally found someone who’s willing to hang out with him: Michael Cohen!

Donald Trump used to think so, too. How nice that he and Tom have that in common!

Sure seems like someone is lying … Tom’s tweet is raising more than a few questions. And eyebrows.

Is Tom saying that Michael Cohen’s been holding back? Because we’re pretty sure that’s not how all this was supposed to work.

Assuming Cohen has more “Trump material to share,” that would suggest he withheld information from Robert Mueller and the FBI. And if it’s all just a bluff, well, then that would mean he’s just a liar whose character is not “impeccable” at all. In either case, Tom Arnold looks like a petty moron making excuses for another petty moron.

Embarrassing, yes. But not surprising. Weasels like to stick together.