Caitlyn Collins is an assistant professor of sociology at Washington University in St. Louis. And evidently she enjoys spending her free time looking for working people to harass:

Here’s the screenshot for posterity:

Collins is really proud of herself (or at least she was, before she protected her tweets):

Oh, it most certainly will.

It will teach young people to maybe rethink that whole college thing. And it will teach that SJWs are insufferable, self-righteous busybodies who get their rocks off by shaming people who haven’t done anything wrong.

Let’s pause for a ratio check:


Ah, the art of the ratio … you can’t teach that.

Get comfortable, everybody.

Only to bury herself.


Way to feminist, Caitlyn!

Caitlyn Collins is pretty compelling evidence that that’s true.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text as well as screenshots of Collins’ now-protected tweets.