Nothing offends Ilhan Omar more than Jews, but occasionally, she has to pretend to be offended by other things, just to keep the act going.

Yesterday, when she saw this:

She knew immediately who she could blame for it:

We’re not sure what white nationalism has to do with it. Neither is Rep. Dan Crenshaw:

To answer Crenshaw’s question, it’s pretty clear that Omar’s not actually interested in fixing the border situation. Not when she can use it to try to score cheap political points without having to actually propose any sensible or workable solutions. It’s definitely easier for her to blame “white nationalism” for everything.

And honestly, we can’t help but wonder why she hates white nationalism so much … white nationalists really seem to love her.



Just popping back in to share this man’s response to Ilhan Omar, because it’s worth highlighting:

Well said.