Earlier this week, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got her designer panties in a twist because GOP Sen. Mike Lee had the temerity to mock and criticize her precious Green New Deal:

While the rest of us were over here rolling our eyes at AOC’s tiresome schtick, Stephen Colbert was over there, trying to deliver his monologue while in the throes of a full-blown fit of ecstasy:

What burn was that, Stephen? The one where lady-Trump AOC demonstrated once again that she is literally incapable of accepting anything less than worshipful praise? The one where she realizes she’s woefully outwitted so she throws down the victim card?

Didn’t Colbert think it was funny that not a single Democratic senator voted in favor of the Green New Deal (and some even voted against it)? Or that AOC took credit for the Green New Deal’s failure and tried to frame it as a win?

He was great on that show. On this one … not so much.

See, now that’s a burn.