We’ve come a long way since the days of the Jim Crow South — and apparently some people think it’s about time we went back:

More from the AP:

Organizers of a meeting to discuss an upcoming mayoral race in Georgia barred reporters from attending — unless they were African-American.

The Wednesday meeting at a church in Savannah was held to try to unite the city’s black community behind a single candidate for mayor in the Nov. 5 election. Signs at the door said “Black Press Only!”

White reporters were denied entry, while at least two black reporters and the publisher of a local African-American newspaper were allowed inside, the Savannah Morning News reported . Television cameras and recording devices were also prohibited.

The newspaper said the Rev. Clarence Teddy Williams, who organized the meeting, declined to discuss the entry policy.

It sounds like a policy that merits some discussion, no?

What it is is racist.

Pretty darn racist.

It’d dominate the outrage cycle. And rightly so.

It should be pretty obvious.