As Twitchy told you earlier, the Economist ran with a disgusting, straight-up lie sliming Ben Shapiro as “alt-right.” Shapiro — and plenty of others — called the Economist out on their B.S.

Well, Economist senior editor Anne McElvoy would like to clear things up:

Did you read the article’s headline, Anne? “Alt-right sage” is what it said. Everyone saw it. And if that wasn’t a label, we don’t know what was.

But it’s OK, because the Economist has issued a correction:

In fairness, as Anne would say, we really shouldn’t expect journalists to do research.

Yeah, just to show that they’re willing to act in good faith going forward, they’ve changed their headline to something a little less inflammatory. Ben’s just a “radical conservative” now. Baby steps!

Better question: Do they care what a conservative is?

It really does.

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Their retreat may be complete … but their beclownment continues.