As Twitchy told you yesterday, Rep. Ilhan Omar dedicated a hefty chunk of her Twitter feed to obsessing about AIPAC and Israel’s obsession with her. She managed to squeeze plenty of lies in there as well. Along with these words of wisdom:

And Omar’s comms and strategy guy Jeremy Slevin — who boasts in his Twitter bio that he used to work for Keith Ellison — would just like to add something:

OK, buddy.


But let’s hear him out:

That’s nice, Jeremy, but “The Right” is just calling you out for defending a well known anti-Semite by trying to pin anti-Semitism on the right wing.

Well, with Slevin in charge of strategy, it’s really no wonder Ilhan Omar keeps sticking her anti-Semitic foot in her mouth.

It really does.

How about “anti-Semitism is always wrong”? Would that have been so difficult to say? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. When you work for Ilhan Omar, you can’t sincerely condemn anti-Semitism.

You could’ve just stopped at “I’m ignorant.”

Well said. Unfortunately, tools like Slevin and bigots like Ilhan Omar are only making that stain worse.