Rep. Eric Swalwell is nothing if not a drama queen. So it should come as no surprise that in response to the Trump campaign’s Tim Murtaugh sending this memo to TV producers:

Swalwell dialed up the drama to eleventy:

Oh, the humanity! If only Pastor Niemöller were alive to see this today … this is exactly like what the Nazis did in Germany.

Hey, don’t laugh! He’s serious, you guys. No, really. He’s serious. Which is actually quite sad.

If Donald Trump is attacking our democracy by criticizing journalists and calling out Democratic politicians for pushing the super-sketchy “collusion” narrative, what would Eric Swalwell call entertaining the prospect of nuking lawful gun owners?

Yes, but you see, that was different because Swalwell is a Democrat. Democrats can actually get away with quite a lot of “attacks upon our democracy”:

And we hope Eric gets the help he so clearly needs.