As Twitchy told you, TIME Magazine’s Charlotte Alter explained that millennials are so keen on Democratic socialism because, like her and TIME cover girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they’ve “never experienced prosperity in [their] adult lives.”

That’s a steaming load of B.S., of course, but for the sake of our own amusement, we’re willing to indulge Alter a little bit because her complaining isn’t so much a stinging indictment of capitalism as it is a stinging indictment of Barack Obama’s presidency. See, if you actually read Alter’s piece on AOC, you’ll run across this interesting piece of information:

Well, whaddaya know?

It’s like payback! But don’t worry — Medicare for All will totes fix the problem for everybody. And then we’ll all get to experience prosperity at last!



‘History and reality are unimportant?’ AOC’s pride in her own ignorance is pretty scary