As Twitchy told you yesterday, Nikki Haley called out Bernie Sanders for citing Finland’s “$60” childbirth costs as evidence that America’s health care system is a “disgrace.”

This will likely come as a major shock to you, but Nobel-winning economic genius Paul Krugman completely missed Haley’s point:

Funny, we don’t recall Haley suggesting that Finland is a “socialist hellhole.” All we was was her pointing out that while health care costs are indeed high in this country, we are not, in fact Finland. And that maybe — just maybe — Finland’s health care system isn’t as great as leftist tools like Krugman think it is.

The thought that the Nobel Committee gave their economics prize to an economist that ignorant about the world is actually a lot more troubling. Because despite what Krugman and Bernie Sanders contend, giving birth in Finland doesn’t cost $60. It costs a lot more than that. Free stuff is actually pretty expensive in a socialist utopia. And Finns are most definitely paying for it.