We never thought we’d see the day, but these two climate change alarmists almost make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez look sane:

We’d honestly be OK if those women took their own advice and never bred.

Do we really want to know?

The heat from all those rising temperatures must’ve started melting their brains.

That’s definitely a possibility.

We’d put money on it.

Just make sure the paramedics don’t use Western medicine.

Maybe, but she’s also great for comic relief.

Better die now, before the babies and stay-at-home moms destroy the planet.

These ladies are definitely special.

It’s gotta be right up there. And yet, we’re fascinated. And there’s more!

Is it the future?

Not sure if they’ll make it quite that far, but they do seem kinda familiar. Where have we seen them before? Oh:




Sweet fancy Moses … there’s still more:

That sounds about right.