It seems the stunning bravery of rabid anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib has really inspired more anti-Semitic cockroaches to come into the light. Good thing, too, because the Democratic Party can’t be expected to Make Mainstream Anti-Semitism Great Again without a little help from … the mainstream media.

Yesterday, the Washington Post’s Rachel Bade and Mike DeBonis pooled their collective brain cell to put together this brilliant piece of amazing journalism:

This is not a drill (emphasis ours):

At a late-night meeting blocks from the Capitol, about a dozen lawmakers shared their raw experiences with bigotry and discrimination, hoping the stories would bridge the glaring interfaith divide. Suddenly, Rep. Dean Phillips, a Jewish Democrat, shattered a moment meant to be about listening and learning — not politics.

Phillips felt he had to address what had been unspoken for nearly two hours — the recent divisive remarks of Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim who suggested American supporters of Israel have an “allegiance to a foreign country.”

Those kinds of remarks, Phillips said, represented “tips of the arrow” — small but devastating offenses that made Jews fearful of a rising tide of anti-Semitism. Phillips told his fellow Minnesota freshman that she had to apologize and said the group should publicly affirm Israel’s right to exist and protect itself.

His words stunned the three Muslim Democrats in the room, as well as some other Jewish members and third-party participants. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Mich.), a Palestinian American who does not support the existence of a Jewish-only state, grew emotional and started to cry as she spoke of her grandmother’s suffering in the West Bank at the hands of Israelis. “She would treat you like a grandson,” she said to Phillips, according to two people in the room.

Poor Rashida Tlaib. That “Jewish-only state” of Israel is just so scary.

We had no idea just how sensitive Rashida was. Thank you, WaPo, for bringing it to our attention.


Because for the Left, it’s not bigotry when Jews are the targets. Thank you for clarifying that for us, Washington Post. Your integrity dies in sunlight.