Late last week, Rahm Emanuel had the gall to suggest that freshmen Democratic legislators like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are putting other Democrats in awkward positions by advocating far-Left, socialist policies, because that distracts from the issues that voters care about:

AOC took great offense to that, because from where she’s sitting, a leftward shift is exactly what the doctor ordered:

Aside from the fact that AOC doesn’t seem to understand that the Green New Deal and Medicare for All are actually pretty tough sells once voters get wind of how much those policies will cost them and that a lot of Americans seem to be getting more and more turned off by the Democratic Party’s radical lurch to the Left, can we also talk about how AOC doesn’t seem to understand what her job is?

AOC hates when people mock her intelligence, but can you blame them? She tees this stuff up every time she spouts off. And she spouts off constantly.

Ilhan Omar doesn’t represent Minnesota. Rashida Tlaib doesn’t represent Michigan. And AOC doesn’t represent New York. They each represent their respective, very blue districts.

But if she didn’t mislead, what would she do all day? It’s not as if she’s interested in working all the time.

Honestly, we’re not sure whether she’s intentionally misleading her followers or if she’s just too stupid to know what a representative represents. We know she’s capable of being both misleading and stupid. So it’s probably a combination of both.