Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell’s nothing if not a tough guy. So when he heard that Vladimir Putin is taking action to stifle freedom of speech in Russia, he had some tough words for America’s Putin, Donald J. Trump:

Not on his watch! Except actually kinda. Because Swalwell was already serving in the U.S. Congress when it was revealed that the Obama administration had been targeting and spying on the Associated Press and other journalists including James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson. And we can’t recall Swalwell marching with his feet, shouting from his lungs, or out-maneuvering with his mind (that’s probably our favorite of all his tough-guy promises). We can’t recall Swalwell giving a damn at all.

But GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw is nothing if not a giver, and he’s willing to give Swalwell a chance — but not without schooling him first:

What do you say, Eric? You in?

Now’s Eric’s chance to put his money where his big mouth is.