As Twitchy told you earlier, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came at Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan with a B.S. line of questioning, suggesting that Wells Fargo is responsible for “the caging of children” in ICE detention facilities and leaks in the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Now, if AOC had even an ounce of shame, she’d apologize for her smears. Or, at the very least, lay low for a while until this latest embarrassment blows over.

But that’s not what she’s doing. She’s doubling down:

Banks can lend money as they see fit … so they must be punished because climate change?

Like we said: No shame. None whatsoever.

Last time we checked, her precious Green New Deal wanted everything replaced anyway. Also, sea walls? Does she ever just stop and listen to herself?

The bigger problem seems to be that AOC has no clue what she’s talking about — and as a sitting member of U.S. Congress, she wields actual power. She’s on the effing Financial Services Committee, for crying out loud!

She’s lied and pivoted so many times, she doesn’t know which end is up. All she knows is that the banks must pay.

That’s exactly what she is.



Dear God, she’s still going:

If the next generation is in danger, it’s because of unhinged, frighteningly stupid authoritarian socialists like AOC.