Considering how much Alyssa Milano loves abortion, you’d think she’d recognize the increasingly radical direction the pro-abort movement has taken. But apparently she’s not as perceptive as she thinks she is.

Alyssa recently claimed that she fights for causes that “benefit everyone”:

But when one tweeter pointed out that advancing the cause of abortion doesn’t benefit babies:

Alyssa got serious:

Has she met any Democrats lately?

Maybe they believe it because it’s true.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam stated plainly that he believed it should be legal to let full-term babies die after they’re born. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had the WTC lit up to celebrate the passage of a radical late-term abortion bill.

For the record, other radical pro-abort legislation has also been introduced in Rhode Island, Vermont, Illinois, and New Mexico. But Democrats aren’t fighting for the right to murder babies.