Nathan Bernard is an “alleged free speech” activist who seems to have an unrequited crush on Ben Shapiro. No, seriously. The guy’s obsessed.

Well anyway, today, Bernard thinks he’s got proof that Shapiro is “a bad faith actor.” And it all stems from Shapiro defending Tucker Carlson from Media Matters’ latest hit job attempt:

Bernard thinks he sees right through Shapiro’s act:

Shapiro is smearing Media Matters, you guys. And misrepresenting Ilhan Omar as an anti-Semite, to boot! Can you believe the nerve?

Yeah, well, Nathan says Shapiro totally owned himself:

Shapiro did use facts and logic … but Nathan’s the one who’s been “DESTROYED” here.

MMFA’s looking pretty destroyed, too.

Yeah, Media Matters. Go for it. Few things give us more pleasure in life than to see you go digging for dirt and wind up in your own humiliating grave.

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