Ilhan Omar’s made it crystal-clear that she’s not going to dial back her anti-Semitic bigotry … and her media defenders have made it crystal-clear that they’re more than OK with that.

Check out this hot take from Salon today:

In addition to favorably citing experts on combating anti-Semitism like J-Street and explaining that since Ilhan Omar’s remarks didn’t use the word “Jews,” they weren’t anti-Semitic, Paul Rosenberg writes:

No matter how heinously conservatives may behave, Democrats always bend over backward to punish anyone on their side whom conservatives single out as comparable, no matter how far-fetched or bogus those conservative claims might be. We’re seeing that now as House Democrats struggle over a resolution aimed at rebuking Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., for nonexistent anti-Semitic comments. As Paul Waldman explained at the Washington Post: Omar did not accuse Jews of holding dual loyalties. Rather, she objected to dual loyalties being demanded of her — and those who attacked her only proved her point.

Are you kidding? Have you been paying any attention to the Democratic Party lately? With precious few exceptions, Democrats have gone out of their way to not only not punish Ilhan Omar, but to excuse and defend her.

And some, like Rosenberg, want to deify her:

It was weak-willed moderate pseudo-allies like that who drove Martin Luther King Jr. to distraction. Nevertheless, he persisted. So will Ilhan Omar, no doubt.

So she’s like a modern-day lady Martin Luther King, Jr. … if he were an unapologetically bigoted anti-Semite.

This … is Salon.




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