Remember Andrew Gillum? He’s the failed Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate who managed to parlay his defeat into a plum gig as a CNN political commentator.

Well, it might shock you to learn — since he always struck us as such an upstanding, moral guy — that Gillum has joined in the mad Democratic rush to run interference for Ilhan Omar:

Andrew Gillum, basically: Anti-Semitism is bad and I reject it! But Ilhan Omar’s just making good points about the Jewish lobby’s influence and we need her voice for the debate.

They’re neither appropriate nor legitimate. While Gillum is framing Omar’s comments as her just expressing concern about lobbyists’ influence on U.S. policies with respect to Israel, it should be clear to anyone paying attention that Omar’s remarks are much more sinister. Either Gillum genuinely doesn’t recognize that or he’s actively trying to whitewash her anti-Semitism.

In either case, let’s all just breathe a collective sigh of relief that he’s not the governor of Florida right now.