As Twitchy told you yesterday, David Corn just about crapped himself — possibly literally — when he allegedly came across “obscene [email protected] graffiti” in a Phoenix Sky Harbor bathroom. Sky Harbor’s official Twitter account responded to this shocking news, asking Corn for more information so they could track down and remove it before anyone else was exposed.

It took him a while, but Corn finally got back to them:

Well, after looking into the matter, here’s what Sky Harbor found:


You know, Sky Harbor, it’s OK. You just call him a liar. Really.

It’ll probably go something like this:

Words to live by.



OK, this would explain why Sky Harbor cleaning crew didn’t find anything:

Oh, well in that case … wait, no. If it could be wiped off, why didn’t Corn just do it himself?

Now it’s just plain sad. Still hilarious, though.

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