If there’s one thing Jessica Valenti hates, it’s unborn people being thought of as people. That’s why she’s so offended that a man whose unborn child was aborted would be upset:

Tech writer Drew Olanoff is right there with her. Because his dad taught him that when it comes to abortion, men have no right to weigh in:

The only thing more terrifying is that Drew thought his take was a smart one.

He really did.

Evidently in Drew’s family, stupidity is hereditary.


You see where this is going, don’t you, Drew? Wait, of course you don’t. Because you’re a moron. But plenty of others are willing to pull at the thread.

Kebeh Nayyeh can do this all day. Which is bad news for Drew — and great news for the rest of us:

Now, see, that right there is how it’s done.