Who knew? According to the New York Times, a little anti-Semitism can actually be very healthy for the public discourse:


Sounds about right. Here’s the razor-sharp analysis from Sheryl Gay Stolberg that Jonathan Weisman thinks you need to read RIGHT NOW:

But the swirling debate around not only Ms. Omar but also broader currents buffeting the Middle East have forced an uncomfortable re-examination of the questions that Ms. Omar raised: Has Aipac — founded more than 50 years ago to “strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship” — become too powerful? And with that power, has Aipac warped the policy debate over Israel so drastically that dissenting voices are not even allowed to be heard?

But the increasing willingness of Democrats like Ms. Omar to accuse Israel of human rights abuses — coupled with the far-right policies of Mr. Netanyahu and his embrace of President Trump — is challenging Aipac’s claim to bipartisanship. Some liberal Democrats, including young Jews, are abandoning the organization.

Omar’s “willingness” to perpetuate anti-Semitic stereotypes under the guise of criticizing Israel isn’t “challenging AIPAC’s claims to bipartisanship.” It’s definitely reaffirming her anti-Semitism. And the New York Times is evidently just fine with that.

We should never expect better from the New York Times. Still, though. They’re definitely getting more brazen in their bigotry, and that’s worth highlighting.

We’re way past that.

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