As Twitchy told you on Friday, the Bulwark affirmed their commitment to “conserving conservatism” by sending über-prog pro-abort Molly Jong-Fast to CPAC to cover “extremely scary” pro-lifers.

Bulwark co-founder Bill Kristol, for one, couldn’t be prouder of Jong-Fast’s contributions to the conservative cause:

Molly Jong-Fast’s dispatches weren’t “heterodox.” They were actively hostile to a core tenet of conservatism: the sanctity of life.

Kristol’s clearly not all that interested in conserving conservatism … maybe he’s not all that interested in conserving life, either.

There was that, too. But triggering conservative snowflakes!

Because they’re everything they claim to be against.

Oh, bullsh*t. Molly Jong-Fast is no Christopher Hitchens, Bill. And the Bulwark is no conservative torchbearer.




Bulwark editor still trying to convince us having Molly Jong-Fast cover CPAC was conserving conservatism