Is Chris Matthews losing his touch? According to Page Six, some MSNBC execs think he is … and they’re considering possible replacements:

More from Page Six:

Now 30 Rock insiders say Williams could move to a more prominent time slot, possibly replacing vet Chris Matthews at 7 p.m.

Multiple sources told us that execs think Matthews’ “Hardball” has gone soft, and they’re looking for relief from the bullpen.

Industry rumors suggest that bosses are unimpressed with Chuck Todd’s “Meet the Press” spinoff, “MTP Daily.”

Around MSNBC watercoolers, there’s also a wild theory that Williams could one day replace the hugely successful “Morning Joe” broadcast, should host and former pol Joe Scarborough revive his political career or exit for any reason.

Here’s an even better idea: Just hand the whole damn network over to Brian Williams. Give him all the time slots! It’s not as if MSNBC needs to be concerned about protecting their reputation at this point.

Seems like a fair assessment.