Alyssa Milano was among many people who were outraged and appalled when they heard about the 24-year-old Honduran woman who delivered a stillborn baby while in ICE custody:

CBP and ICE said that the young woman was taken to a hospital, received two medical screenings, and was cleared for release last Thursday. She was brought to ICE custody at Port Isabel Detention Center outside Brownsville, Texas, to be processed for release in the afternoon on Friday.

On Friday evening, the woman said that she was experiencing “abdominal discomfort.” CE Health Service Corps examined her, and the clinical director said that she needed to go to a hospital. The woman told them that the baby was coming, and EMS was called.

Before medics could arrive, the woman delivered an unresponsive baby boy. The mother and child were rushed to a hospital in Harlingen, Texas, where the child was pronounced dead.

According to Milano, it’s “So. F*cking. Upsetting.” that in this day and age, something like this would happen:

The death of an innocent child is always tragic. But it’s difficult to take Milano’s indignation as righteous when she frequently argues passionately in favor of the right to murder an unborn child.

That’s probably it.