As Twitchy told you, during yesterday’s Michael Cohen hearing, Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib came utterly unglued over GOP Rep. Mark Meadows inviting Trump associate and senior HUD official Lynne Patton as his guest. The problem, you see, is that Patton is black, and is therefore a token, and that Meadows’ decision to invite her to view the proceedings was “in itself a racist act.”

Tlaib’s very public tirade is evidence, of course, that she’s the racist one. So it’s no surprise that fellow racebaiting racist Al Sharpton agrees with Tlaib’s assessment:

That sort of B.S. may fly with Sharpton’s fellow racist lefties:

But if you’re agreeing with Al Sharpton, you should probably take a good, long look in the mirror.

No kidding. And not only that, it’s disingenuous. Because while Patton did not speak at the hearing, she did submit a statement to the House Oversight Committee.

From the New York Times:

Ms. Patton said she received an invitation from Mr. Meadows to appear at the hearing after he saw a picture on her Instagram accountthat she posted on Tuesday. Under a photograph of her smiling with Mr. Cohen at the Trump Grill, she described Mr. Cohen as one of her best friends for over a decade.

“I am sad that Michael would — once again, on a world stage — levy unsubstantiated claims — particularly those of bigotry and racism — against a man who has single-handedly helped raise five of the most unbiased and open-minded children I’ve ever known,” she wrote.

Ms. Patton said the statement submitted on Wednesday to the House committee was identical to a 387-word caption on her Instagram photo.

Here’s her Instagram post:

She doesn’t sound like someone who thought she was Mark Meadows’ “prop”: