So, Michael Cohen is set to testify tomorrow before the House Oversight Committee, but apparently GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz is trying to get the show started a little early:

He doesn’t seem capable of shame, so he probably won’t delete it, but here’s a screenshot just in case:

Matt Gaetz, ladies and gentlemen.

We’re no congressional etiquette experts, but this sort of thing seems … less than professional. Or ethical.

This is quite a stunning about-face from just a few days ago:


Maybe he should stand up and go take a walk.

It kinda looks that way, yeah.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet, text, and a screenshot.



Well, for what it’s worth, Gaetz doesn’t seem nearly as concerned about his thuggish tweet as so many others are. He’s standing by his threat with the promise of “fireworks”:




Call off the hounds, guys. Gaetz was just “witness testing”:

Sure, pal.



Sweet mother of pearl …

This one may be a record breaker, folks.