As Twitchy told you, Luke Thompson has roared back from being punished by Twitter for questioning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend having a House email account in a big way. After doing some further digging, Thompson discovered that Brand New Congress Super PAC, a liberal super PAC, paid AOC’s boyfriend Riley Roberts $6,000 to be its sole “marketing consultant,” despite the fact that Roberts had no marketing expertise. And Roberts’ two $3,000 payments just so happened to bookend a $6,191.32 payment from AOC’s campaign to Brand New Congress, despite the campaign being in the financial hole.

In short, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to have an ethics problem — with a healthy dose of hypocrisy, of course.

It also proves that many of our best and bravest firefighters really suck at their jobs.

Maybe we can start with WaPo’s Reis Thebault, who was responsible for this take turning AOC’s super-sketchy behavior into evidence of conservatives’ obsession with her:

Thompson shared his findings earlier today, and Thebault hasn’t said a damn thing. Why is that?

Real Journalists™ don’t have time for research, apparently.

We haven’t seen evidence of it so far. No links to Thompson’s thread anywhere on Thebault’s Twitter feed. Sharing Thompson’s findings would be the least Thebault could do. The very least.

Probably best not to hold your breath.



WaPo reporter still trying to get to the bottom of why the ‘AOC’s boyfriend’s .gov email’ story won’t die in darkness